Butohatelier 2018- Pygmalion´s Desire
at the Münchner Glyptothek
with Stefan Maria Marb

Start: January, 17, 7:30 till 9 Pm at Tanztendenz München

In the upcomimg Butohatelier we are using the antique legend of Pygmalion as a metapher for the inherent tragic in the creating process of every artist: The sculpturist or the dancer wants to create a perfect and loveable image of his imagination, but many times he is failing in doing so.

We will confronting our dancecreation with the classical statues of the wonderful Münchner Glyptothek, where we will finally have a public showing.

fee: 380€.- ( early booking till december, 20: 340€.- bei )
10 classes ticket ( valid 2018): 220€.-
single class: 28€.-
try out class: 15€.-

transaction/account: Stefan Marb
IBAN DE50700100800424939802

Registration and further information: 0049/89/7148848 or
e-mail: info@butoh-marb.de



Butoh classes 2017
with Stefan Maria Marb

suitable for beginners and advanced!

regular butohclasses:
focusing on butoh-bodywork, technique, breathing exercises and improvisation.
Place: at Tanztendenz München, Lindwurmstrasse 88/ V
time: starting again september, 20, 2017

fee: 10 classes ticket: 200€.-
single classe:25 €.-
try out class: 15€.-

reduced tarif: 10% reduction on the 10 classes ticket for Butoh_LAB members, for students and unemployed people
20 % reduction on the 10 classes ticket, if you bring another person

Registration and further information: 0049/89/7148848 or
e-mail: info@butoh-marb.de

Pics copyright: Milena Wojhan









The Empty Body
Butohworkshop, november , 25 & 26, Vienna
with Stefan Maria Marb


Place: Tanz*Hotel Wien, Zirkusgasse 35
Times: Saturday and sunday, 10 am till 5 pm

contact: Daniela Mayu
(0043)  0699 / 11 82 72 82

more Information




This is still the place
30 years danceperformances
with Stefan Maria Marb

Danceperformance, october, 14, 9 pm
underground garage of the munich university canteen

( entrance cross Friedrichstrasse or by U-Bahn Giselastrasse)

On 18th of july 1987, 30 years ago, Stefan Maria Marb showed his the very first danceperformance "This is the place" in a munich undergroundgarage assisted by the photographer Stefan Hagen.
Ever since he created many solo performances but also performances for groupformations at home and abroad. Due to this jubilee both artists will meet again there at the same spot to celebrate an event with the wild energy of the past and the spirit of today.

free entry, no reservation necessary


Pics copyright: Stefan Hagen






Totentanz- Danse Macabre
Danceperformance by Stefan Maria Marb

Premiere, march, 25, 2017 at 8.00 pm
at the Catholic Church St. Johann Baptist, munich
next show: march, 26, at 5.00 pm

"Many times I spoke about, that in my body lives my older sister. When I try to get up, she will sit down. When I sit down, she is getting up. When I dance, she is eating the darkness in my body. You have to pay respect to the dead. Earlier or later we also will be called. We have to invite the dead to us and live with them together.“( Tatsumi Hijikata)

Choreography and director: Stefan Maria Marb
Assistant: Alexander Strauß
Singing: Maria Martinez Gabaldon
Acting: Gerd Lohmeyer
Live at the organl: Tobias Hermanutz
Dance: Claudia Berger, Uschi von Bomhard, Beate Brömse, Roland Eichner, Petra Hafner, Rita Haug, Sieglinde Märzke,Günther Maier, Esther Mieves, Monika Müller, Eugenie Nietmann,  Julia Scholbeck, Stephanie movall, Maria Thomaser
Lightdesign: Michael Wüst


Totentanz s friendly supported by  the the cultural office of the bavarian capital munich.  Stefan Maria Marb is a member of Tanztendenz München. Thank you to the church association Haidhausen

Pics: © Volker Derlath




Fotos copyright: Milena Wojhan und Alexandra Kwasnik



stage production



Torso 4




Welten.Tänzer- a bodyanthology by Stefan Maria Marb

january 13 and 14, 2017, 8.30 pm at Schwere Reiter Munich, Dachauerstrasse 114

Watch the movie "Weg 2" from Sabine Scharf at youTube!

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star
( Friedrich Nietzsche)

Inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s „Birth of tragedy“ the dancer and choreographer Stefan Maria Marb travels in his new piece through the worlds of his own artistic perception, where the antagonistic aspects of the apollonian and the dionysian worlds keep the balance.

His project is accompanied by the violinist Gertrude Schilde and the elctroacustic compositions of Nick Parkin, by metalsculptures of Hansjürgen Vogel as a performance set, by live explanations of the writer and editor Andreas Mascha showing the attitude of Nietzsche concerning the dance, by a film of Sabine Scharf  regarding the human-animal interaction on dance and finally by a vernisssage of photographes of Werner Siebert showing Ko Murobushi in a stunning performance 1992 in munich.

Choreography and performance: Stefan Maria Marb
Assistence: Alexander Strauß
Violin: Gertrud Schilde
Electroacoustic composition: Nick Parkin
Film: Sabine Scharf
Lecture: Andreas Mascha
Skulptures: Hansjürgen Vogel
Vernissage: Werner Siebert
Lightdesign: Rainer Ludwig
Costumes: Machado Costumes

Tickets: € 17.- / reduced € 10.-
reservation: fon 0049/89 / 721 10 15, reservierung@schwerereiter.de

Welten.Tänzer is friendly supported by  the the cultural office of the bavarian capital munich and by schwere reiter tanz.  Stefan Maria Marb is a member of Tanztendenz München

Pics: © Volker Derlath

Timely Performance





Torso 4



Butohperformance Timecodes- Ephemer
with Stefan Maria Marb

March, 10, 2017, 7.00 p.m
Glyptothek Munich, Königsplatz

butoh- antique sculpures- digital painting- impermanence- metamorphosis- ekstasis


costume: Machado Costumes

Tickets: 16€.-, 12€.- reduced;
limited amount of spectators!

Pics: © Milena Wojhan and Dorothee Elfring


Stefan Maria Marb is a member of Tanztendenz München


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